Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vacation House - Cooking Paleo Away From Home, pt. 1

In a couple weeks, we are going to Long Island to visit family and friends.  Since we live in Texas, this will be an especially welcome change in vista and weather.  I love beach vacations anywhere but it's especially fun when we get a chance to play house and rent someone's lovely home and kitchen to help us prepare healthy food.

It's also a bit more work than a resort in Cancun!  But planning ahead makes it a lot easier and yummier.  In the past, I've brought some favorite recipes and a few needed condiments, so that's the plan this time, only Paleo.  Which means I also have to think about breakfasts and lunches and snacks more since we can't use the easy grain and dairy stand-bys that we used to rely on for about half our calories.

So, first strategy I am going to try is something I've thought about implementing at home, but haven't.  I will make double sized dinners so we have lots of leftovers for other meals. I will bring enough recipe ideas to cook every night, but, hopefully, we will also go out for a few meals - seafood and fresh veggies should be available somewhere nearby!

Second, for meals I will try to stick with simple ingredients and bring my own spices.

Third, I am going to look up local markets and hopefully find a farmer's market or Whole Foods nearby.

Fourth, for travel and snacks I will load up on paleo snacks and bring them with us.  I've recently begun compiling a list of new paleo products and snacks and we had a chance to try some that aren't widely available yet at the Austin 2014 Paleo Expo.  I will try to get that on the blog soon.

Fifth, and most important, I will not stress and I'm sure we will find plenty of unexpected yummy places to eat and shop and no one will have to eat unhealthy.  

Resisting ice cream will be the hardest - our mantra used to be - "It's vacation - let's have ice cream for lunch!"  Sigh...luckily, at home, we are pretty happy with coconut ice cream and home made Zoku pops.  Also, "Let's Do Gluten Free" ice cream cones are made with potato flour - check them out if you haven't yet!  

Here are a few meals I am already thinking of putting on the list:

   Balsamic and olive - can use for salads, grilled chicken breasts, and cooked veggies.

   Chicken Marbella - can expand easily - cut up whole chickens with olives and prunes

   Spaghetti Squash with tomato sauce and pork sausage meatballs - I don't think I could
   ever make too much of this - we all love it.  Good one to use with guests.

   Lots of eggs and bacon - plain and made into a frittata with leftover veggies

   Lots of fresh local (if possible) veggies to use for salad, side dishes, frittatas - favorites
   are kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, basil, beets, spinach, arugula, cauliflower

   And I hope to find a fish market where we can get lobster and shrimp and other fish

  Extras: fresh fruit, coconut milk for smoothies and drinks, almond milk, coffee and tea

I'll let you know how the trip and cooking goes and other suggestions when I get back.

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